Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment

A specialised, active, professional strength skin rejuvenation peel treatment that targets sun damage, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores resulting in increased elasticity, renewed radiance and overall skin smoothness. Following your peel, a transdermal solution (TDS) appropriate to your skin’s needs is then applied before a peel off alginate mask which creates a vacuum on the skin forcing the TDS to penetrate deeper into the skin for optimum results. Relax while the masks sets and enjoy a complimentary hand and arm massage. **Only available for certain skin types**


Treatment unsuitable for those with certain conditions and/or on certain medication such as some oral topical acne medication or oral retinoids (e.g. Accutane), grade 4 acne, uncontrolled high/low blood pressure, sunburn. Diabetes and cancer (medical consent required) may be possible contraindications-please advise before booking. For clients with a history of keloid scarring peels will need to be spaced further apart. Smokers are advised that results of Nimue programme will be limited and may wish to seek medical advice on their suitability of taking 1000mg of vitamin C daily. Reduction in alcohol consumption during a course of treatments is advised. Exercise to be avoided on day of treatment.

Please ensure you read FAQs and contraindications prior to booking an appointment.

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