Microneedling Treatment (collagen induction therapy) with customised Fluids

Microneedling Treatment (collagen induction therapy) with customised Fluids

Microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy) is a visible skin rejuvenation treatment for collagen stimulation. The treatment is customised with Nimue state of the art Transdermal Solutions (TDS) and Super Fluids for superior results on skin ageing. Alternatively, Clinicare mesotherapy cocktail matched to specific skin concerns may be used for non-Nimue clients.

For body treatment prices (e.g. scars, stretch marks or scalp hair loss) please enquire.

Ideal for non-surgical treatment of various skin conditions e.g. ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, skin deficiency), scarring (acne) and hyperpigmentation. Microneedling is suitable for most skin types and can be used all over the body to stimulate the natural production of new collagen and elastin, thereby tightening skin, reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing scars in just a few short treatments. CE medical dermapen; single use sterile fine needle cartridges gently puncture the top layer of the skin as it glides over the treated area. Customised solutions used for Nimue clients. For non-Nimue clients Clinicare mesotherapy solutions will be used specific to the individual’s skin concerns.


Treatment unsuitable for those with certain conditions and/or on certain medication, which may include but are not restricted to: very sensitive skin and severe capillaries, some antibiotics, thyroid medication, oral steroids (e.g. prednisolone), blood thinners (e.g. warfarin, asprin), sunburn, alcohol consumed or exercise undertaken on day of treatment, oral or topical acne medication (e.g. Accutane) or oral retinoids (oral vit A) in past 6 months, use of isotretinoin/tretinoin (topical vit A) in past 3 months, history of keloid scarring, grade 4 acne, facial surgery (in past 8 weeks min.), very sensitive skin and severe capillaries, pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, over warts or raised moles, any skin infection, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, active skin lesions/open wounds, sores or any skin infection, undergoing chemotherapy or high doses of cortisone, fever blister or impetigo. Clients must not have used Cortisone or had laser skin resurfacing or deep peeling procedures in the past 8 weeks (some lighter peels may generally require less time, e.g. at least 2 weeks for most Nimue peels) or Botulinum Toxin injections/Fillers in the past 4 weeks or waxing on area to be treated within the last week.

**For clients with a history of herpes simplex (cold sores) microneedling has the potential to trigger cold sore recurrence. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to your GP/Pharmacist regarding taking antiviral prophylaxis (e.g. 400 mg Acyclovir) from 2 days prior to the microneedling and continued for 5 days following to reduce the risk of recurrent herpes infection. Any existing lesion must heal completely before undergoing microneedling. **

Those on oral contraceptive or HRT are advised oestrogen and progesterone may increase risk of pigmentation and/or also make clients more prone to breakouts and excessive dryness. A cautious approach is required for those with a history of hyperpigmentation or those with darker skin.

Clients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimum results during a course of treatments (good diet, stay hydrated, moderate exercise, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, use vitamins after seeking medical advice if lacking). Exercise to be avoided on day of treatment. Smokers are advised that results will be limited so if smoking cessation unlikely they may wish to seek medical advice on their suitability of taking 1000mg of vitamin C daily.

For body microneedling (e.g. for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars or for scalp to stimulate hair growth) please enquire, price varies

After Treatment

First 24 hours: redness, minor swelling, in some cases possible spot bleeding

1-2 days: mild redness, reduced swelling, minor itching and tight sensation

3-4 days: potential slight dryness/tightness. Frequent use of moisturisers containing ceramides can work well to alleviate this

4-5 days: full recovery

Detailed post treatment guidelines will be given upon consultation but general guidelines include:

  • No additional products to be applied to skin post treatment other than products applied by therapist. This includes SPF and any mineral make up, although SPF and mineral make up may be applied the following day after treatment. The following day skin may be cleansed using tepid water and a gentle, non-acid cleanser.
  • Showering as opposed to bathing is preferable after treatment (tepid water on face only)
  • 2-7 days following treatment, or as soon as comfortable to do so, clients may return to regular skincare products although alcohol-based products e.g. toners need to be avoided for 10-14 days.
  • Avoid touching, scratching or picking the skin (wash hands first before touching face)
  • Avoid friction on skin and excess heat (heavy exercise, sauna, steam room) until fully recovered
  • Avoid sun exposure and sunbeds during a course of professional treatments. Total elimination of sun exposure and sunbed treatments is advised.
  • Apply SPF 30 min. product on a daily basis from the day after treatment onwards. Reapply SPF 2-3 times per day if exposed to excess UV radiation.
  • In the unlikely event of any persistent redness or irritation occurring inform your skin therapist immediately
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimum results (good diet, refrain from smoking, stay hydrated, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, use vitamins after seeking medical advice if lacking). Exercise to be avoided on day of treatment.
  • Keep hydrated and keep skin moisturised
  • It is advisable to resume gently exfoliating skin (e.g. enzyme exfoliator) approx. 5-7 days after treatment depending upon how skin is recovering



Please ensure you read FAQs and contraindications prior to booking an appointment.

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