Henna Brow Tint and Wax

Henna Brow Tint

For all new clients not received this treatment with Polish & Glow before, a patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. A patch test will need to be redone on a regular basis and/or if your medical circumstances change (NB testing positive for COVID counts as a medical change, as does having a vaccine).

A fantastic way to achieve coloured brows, more dramatic and long lasting than regular tint. Achieve spot colouring with tattoo effects. Efficiently covers resistant grey. Depending upon skin type, the high-quality Henna used can last for up to 6 weeks and when used regularly has been reported to help to thicken and regrow natural brows. Available in 8 shades: black, dark brown, medium brown, golden brown, light brown, copper brown, blonde and burgundy. Free of ammonia and lead. Please note henna tint is darker than the shades imply so it is recommended that you choose one or two shades lighter to obtain desired shade. If you are not after a lighter shade of brow but a more defined, longer lasting, darker brow this is the tint for you.

Aftercare: Do not scrub or use peels near brow area. If having spray tan cover brows with a barrier (e.g. Vaseline).

Brow Wax

Pre-treatment: A wax patch test is not generally required for most people but if you have any allergies or sensitive skin (particularly to any type of glue/resin, beeswax or lanolin) and you would like a patch test please contact to request one as this will need to be undertaken at least a few days prior to your treatment. For 24 hours prior to treatment you must avoid the use of sunbed tanning and sun exposure. Please advise in advance if you are using any strong creams (e.g. retinol) on the area to be treated as they may need to be discontinued before waxing treatment. For best results grow brow hair for min. 4 weeks prior to your brow wax treatment.

Aftercare: Avoid hot bath/shower or use of sauna, steam room, sunbed or swimming pool for 24 hours after treatment.  Do not apply any perfumed or self-tanning products to the waxed area.

Hot wax (peelable wax) by Wax:one can be used if requested in advance.



Please ensure you read FAQs and contraindications prior to booking an appointment.

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